Manage Red Card Become a Certified Big Data Practitioner and Learn About the Hadoop Ecosystem

A report by Forbes estimates that big data & Hadoop market is growing at a CAGR of 42.1% from 2015 and it will touch the mark of $99.31 billion by 2022. Another report from Mckinsey estimates a shortage of some 1.5 million big data experts by 2018. The findings of both the reports clearly suggest that market for big data analytics is growing worldwide at a massive rate and this trend looks to benefit IT professionals in a big way. After all, a big data hadoop certification is about gaining in-depth knowledge of the big data framework and becoming familiar with the Hadoop ecosystem.More so, the objective of the training is to learn the use of Hadoop and Spark, together with gaining familiarity with HDFS, YARN and MapReduce. The participants learn to process and analyze big datasets, and also gain information in regard to data ingestion with the use of Sqoop and Flume. The training will offer the knowledge and mastery of real-time data processing to trainees who can also learn the ways to create, query and transform data forms of any scale. Anyone to the training will be able to master the concepts of Hadoop framework and learn its deployment in any environment.

Similarly, an enrollment in big data Hadoop training will help IT professionals learn different major components of Hadoop ecosystems such as Pig, Hive, Impala, Flume, Sqoop, Apache Spark and Yarn and implement them on projects. They will also learn about the ways to work with HDFS and YARN architecture for storage and resource management. The course is designed to also enrich trainees with the knowledge of MapReduce, its characteristics and its assimilation. The participants can also get to know how to ingest data with the help of Flume and Sqoop and how to create tables and database in Hive and Impala.What’s more, the training teaches about Impala and Hive for portioning purposes and also imparts knowledge about different types of file formats to work with. The trainees can expect to understand all about Flume, including its configurations and then become familiar with HBase and its architecture and data storage. Some of other major aspects to learn in the training include Pig components, Spark applications and RDD in detail. The training is also good for understanding Spark SQL and knowing about various interactive algorithms. All this information will be particularly helpful to those IT professionals planning to move into the big data domain.

So, no matter whether you are one of developers, architects, mainframe or testing professionals already into jobs, this big data Hadoop training will still be very helpful for making it big in the IT domain. In fact, it can also help senior IT pros and freshers alike as both groups can look forward to gaining in-depth knowledge of hadoop framework and their implementation in the industry. You can become an expert Hadoop developer and join the league of those highest paid IT professionals in the domain. More importantly, with big data and hadoop knowledge, you can easily find plenty of opportunities in the software and IT domain.

9 Benefits of Playing Video Games

Today’s games are ambitious, challenging, and complex. The games are getting better with the passage of time. As a matter of fact, the benefits go beyond the entertainment. Given below are a few surprising benefits of playing video games.

1. They are good for surgeons

Reading latest research is a must for surgeons. According to a study of laparoscopic, it was discovered that surgeons who have a habit of playing video games for over three hours in 7 days are more likely to perform better during the procedures they perform.

2. They Help You Overcome Dyslexia

According to some research studies, attention difficulties is one of the main causes of dyslexia. As a matter of fact, a study found that patients shown better reading comprehension once they have played a video game. Actually, what happens is that video games change the environment on a constant basis in order to make the player focus more.

3. They Improve Your eyesight

You may have heard that sitting too close to the TV is bad for you vision. However, today, scientists found that if you play games in moderation, your vision will get better. Therefore, it’s a good idea to spend a bit of time playing your favorite video games.

4. They boost your career

Some game genres make players develop better leadership traits. As a result, they provide better services for the society. According to researchers, players show a correlating motivation to choose a better career.

5. They Make You Physical

Some games improve your body interaction. Even if you play with a handheld controller, it will be considered a physical activity. As a matter of fact, sports games, such as tennis, basketball or skateboarding games may help your kids practice the required skills.

6. Games slow down your Aging Process

Today’s brain games help you improve your memory, puzzle components and problem solving skills, especially if you are a senior player. According to a study, a few players played these games for 10 hours. In the end, they showed an improved cognitive functioning.

7. Games help you lessen your pain

What do you do to distract yourself from pain? Of course, you focus your attention on something else. However, you can also play video games to achieve the same purpose. As a matter of fact, playing games helps your body produce a pain-killing response in your body. You don’t feel the pain at all if you are paying full attention to the game that you are playing.

8. Games help you get social

People think that gamers are too insulated; however, this is not true. Nowadays, you have multi-player games that let you get in touch with new players. People from different corners of the world get together, play their favorite games and solve mutual problems.

9. Games help you reduce stress

Some games induce stress, but you can also find some that help you reduce your stress. According to a study, players who played video games had stable heart rates compared to the ones who didn’t play video games.

So, these are some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you play video games.